PWF Welfare Programs

Pakistan Wapda Foundation plays a pivotal role in running a Welfare Program tailored for the families of employees working in WAPDA DISCO’S, GENCO’S NTDC. This program is strategically designed to provide a range of benefits, including Widow Grants, Marriage Grant, and recreational activities. By extending its care to employees’ families, the foundation ensures a holistic approach to their well-being. This initiative not only underscores the foundation’s commitment to the betterment of its workforce but also cultivates a sense of security and unity among families.

Widow Grant

As a responsible business organization, we extend support to widows through our dedicated widow grant program. Understanding the challenges they face, we aim to provide financial assistance that eases their burdens and helps them rebuild their lives. This initiative reflects our commitment to social welfare and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Marriage Grant

Committed to fostering a positive impact, our business organization proudly offers a marriage grant program. Recognizing the significance of this life event, we provide financial support to couples embarking on their journey of matrimony. By alleviating some of the financial stress, we strive to contribute to their happiness and create lasting memories.