Brief Overview

The Directorate of Education has established a network of 27 Schools in various districts of Punjab, from Rahimyar Khan in the South to Rawalpindi in the North. These Schools are situated in 13 different Districts and provide free education to more than 18,000 boys and girls upto middle, secondary and higher secondary levels. Not only education is provided absolutely free of any charges, the Directorate of Education also provides uniform, shoes, stationery, books school bags and transport to the children of industrial workers. During the last three years the Board spent Rs.148.8 million to provide these items. The Directorate of Education is currently establishing fully equipped computer labs in its schools for providing computer education to the students.

The Directorate of Education continues to expand its coverage by upgrading the existing schools to higher levels of education and by establishing new schools.


Established in 1986 under PESSI

Number of schools08
Number of staff100
Students Strength800


Through its WW Schools, Directorate of Education provides workers children with the following free of cost services:-

Syllabus books
Computer Labs.
Science labs.


Going to be32
Teaching Staff784
Non Teaching Staff429
Workers Children14919
Private Children3666
Total No. of Students18485

Salient Features of Education

Standardization of the educational institutions
Specially designed curriculum
Special emphasis on co-curricular activities
Character building of students
State of the art computer labs
A well equipped library
Efficient monitoring