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Policy Instructions / Eligibility Criteria


  • Establishment
    • As defined under section 2 (f) of Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance or section 2 (b) of Companies Profit (Workers Participation) Act, 1968 or West Pakistan Shops & Establishment Ordinance, 1969.
    • Public Sector Organizations which are contributing through transfer of leftover amount under clause (a) of paragraph 4 (d) of Companies Profit (Workers Participation) Act, 1968 paying contribution under section 2 (f) of Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1971 or otherwise?
    • The above defined establishment must be registered under Factories Act 1934 or West Pakistan Shops & Establishment Ordinance, 1969.
  • Worker

    worker” and “workman” mean person not falling within the definition of employer who is employed (including employment as a supervisor or as an apprentice) in an establishment or industry for hire or reward either directly or through a contractor whether the terms of employment express or implied, and, for the purpose of any proceedings under this Act in relation to an industrial dispute includes a person who has been dismissed, discharged, retrenched, laid-off or otherwise removed from employment in connection with or as a consequence of that dispute or whose dismissal, discharge, retrenchment, lay-off, or removal has led to that dispute but does not include any person who is employed mainly in managerial or administrative capacity”.
    Worker must be registered with EOBI or Social Security.


    • The daughters of those workers who died during their service are eligible to avail the marriage grant provided that the worker was registered with EOBI or Social Security Scheme and payment of death grant has been received by his/her family.
    • Disabled workers and their families are hereby allowed welfare grants i.e. Marriage Grant, Death Grant, Free Education and Scholarship etc. subject to the condition that they are also getting disability benefits from EOBI or Social Security.


  • Pay Limit
    • No Limit.
  • Service Limit
    • Three (3) years cumulative service.
  • Limit of Cases.
    • All daughters of industrial workers.
    • Lady worker on her own marriage (one time only).
  • Rate
    • Rs.100,000/- in each case.


  • Period for submission of applications
    • Last date is 10th May of every year for the marriages solemnizing during the preceding year i.e. from 1st May to 30th April.


  • Copy of Factory Registration Certificate under Factories Act, 1934.
  • Copy of National Identity Card of the worker.
  • Copy of Factory Card.
  • Copy of N.I.C. of the Bride and Bride Groom.
  • Copy of Social Security Card (R-5) or EOBI Card.
  • Copy of Appointment letter.
  • Copy of Nikkah Nama duly attested by the Secretary, Union Council.
  • Affidavit on Stamp Paper of Rs.50/- duly attested by the Oath Commissioner as per specimen given in the application form.



  • Applications are received at the respective offices of District Officers Labour / Assistant Mines Labour Welfare Commissioners.
  • Following the verification of the applications by the area labour officer / Mines Labour Welfare Officer, cases are submitted before the respective District / Regional Scrutiny Committee, constituted at each District / Mines Labour Welfare Region for sifting and recommending for payment to PWW Board.
  • A Scrutiny Committee constituted at Board’s office randomly scrutinized 25% cases forwarded by the District / Regional Scrutiny Committees and then forwarded all the eligible cases to Chairman Board for approval. After which the approved cases forwarded to Workers Welfare Fund, Islamabad for payment through Funds transfer / crossed Cheques in the names of individual applicants directly out of allocated budget of PWW Board under this head.

Application Form

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