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  1. Free education would be provided to the children of industrial workers in Workers Welfare Schools. They would be provided books, copies, uniform, shoes and transport etc., free of cost. The fee for computer education to the workers children would also be borne by the Punjab Workers Welfare Board.

  2. Directorate of Education, Punjab Workers Welfare Board shall get the NOTICE for admission in Nursery classes published in three Urdu Newspapers, which shall appear on 30th of April each year, giving list of schools where admissions are to be made. The students would be required to apply for admission on prescribed Admission Forms to be available at Workers Welfare Schools on payment of Rs.10/- each. Admission forms from the students shall be received by Workers Welfare Schools till May 31st. No admission form in any case shall be entertained after May, 31st.

  3. The candidates should be within the age group of 4-5 years.

  4. Nursery classes will start from first day of opening of school after summer vacations. Fee of private students should be collected after summer vacation.

  5. Candidates will be admitted in schools after interview by the Admission Committee for each school. The Admission Committee for each school shall be constituted by the concerned Principal.

  6. Three children of secured industrial workers shall be eligible for admission / free education in the schools (two boys and one girl or two girls and one boy as the case may be.

  7. Birth certificate will have to be attached with admission form duly issued by concerned Municipal Committee / Corporation.

  8. The worker applying for admission of his / her children should be old age benefit / Social Security Cardholder. He should have minimum three (03) years accumulative service in a registerable factory.

  9. The educational institution shall display banners on the main road in the vicinity of school mentioning, “Admissions are opening Nursery class”.

  10. Admission in Nursery classes shall be made in each school against the seats sanctioned by the Punjab Workers Welfare Board. The ratio of workers children and private students eligible for admission in Workers Welfare School would be 80:20 in all Workers Welfare Schools. The ratio can be increased in favour of private students, in case of non-availability of workers children.

  11. The admission in Nursery classes shall be made according to the schedule given in Clause 2 of the policy.

  12. The private students shall, however, be admitted / enrolled in all classes throughout the year against their reserved quota after test / interview, subject to availability of seats.

  13. Admission in higher classes will be subject to availability of seats provided that the candidate pass written test in the month of April.

  14. A student who fails twice consecutively in a class shall be struck off the school rolls.

  15. Every worker shall submit declaration, on simple paper that he is not exceeding his quota of three children at the time of admission. If at any time, it is disclosed that more than three children of a worker are getting free education, he will be responsible to remit all educational charges of that child to the school exchequer.

  16. If a student consecutively remains absent from the class without prior information for more than 10 days, his / her name will be struck off from school rolls. Re-admission fee will be charged from private students @ Rs.300 and for workers students Rs.50. If the Principal deems fit then he / she can waive off the fee after being convinced under special circumstances.

  17. If a student fails in three subjects in annual exam, he will not be promoted.

  18. Principal will be fully empowered to expel a student or impose fine upto a maximum of Rs.500/- or as he may deem appropriate give a warning in the best interest of institution, in case any student is found involved in the following activities:-

    • Using unfair means in the examination.
    • Smoking, possession of narcotics, weapons etc.
    • Willfully disfiguring or defacing school property.
    • Gambling or playing lotteries etc.
    • Being insolent and rude towards a teacher; and
    • Stealing or committing any immoral act.
  19. As per rules of the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Punjab, the Registration of a student of 9th or 10th class shall not be forwarded to the concerned Board, in case his / her attendance is below 70%.
  20. Chairman, Punjab Workers Welfare Board may allow admission in any class considering the hardship in individual cases,
  21. The admission policy should be circulated among all workers through Trade Union / District Officers Labour concerned after publication in Urdu so that they know about it properly.
  22. To make admission and fee deposit of private students transparent all the admission forms along with the deposit slip (duplicate) in original should be submitted to the Head Office for financial scrutiny after retaining the other set or original copies with them for record.
  23. The private students will pay computer fee if they are enrolled in the computer classes. Computer fee will be paid to the school monthly. School will in turn pay to the computer private partner.
  24. The transportation fee for private student who also use school buses has not been laid down in the admission policy in black and white. It is proposed that Rs.300/- may be charged from private students if he / she opt to use school bus.
  25. However, decision regarding constitution of admission committee in the Workers Welfare Schools will be taken after consultation with the stakeholders


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